Covid-19 Information

First and foremost, thank you for your patience through these uncertain times. WMRC staff has been working diligently with UCLA to create a safe and viable research and education plan for the upcoming 2021 summer season. Fortunately, from this we have a newly revised and approved COVID-19 Playbook to help guide us through the upcoming season.

The current revision allows research and educational groups to apply as approved family units or pods. Family unit/pod status allows a group to be larger than a group without this status. Even under these new regulations, WMRC is NOT functioning at full capacity. Groups may be approved at larger numbers, but lower capacity and safety precautions limit our ability to host overlapping groups during periods of peak demand.

Download the most recent version of WMRC’s COVID-19 Playbook and a checklist highlighting what is required of all users in order to visit WMRC. And the additional criteria which must be met in order to be approved as a family unit/pod. Any group applying as a family unit must be granted approval as such by both their home institution and WMRC.

We will continue to work with you on an individual basis to help facilitate vital research and education under these new guidelines. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding on these matters and we look forward to a safe and productive summer season.