WMRC Lab Safety Orientation Checklist

Lab or research group name ________________________________ Date:________________

This form should be completed for each lab or research group as part of an orientation when they first begin work at WMRC. See the UCLA laboratory safety website for general information on lab safety, and the WMRC Lab Safety page for specific information about working at the station. WMRC staff must approve all plans before work may begin.

Review provisions of WMRC “Illness and Injury Prevention Plan” (IIPP) program (see IIPP website for overview)

Review locations of::

Personal protective equipment, when using chemicals or other hazardous materials:

Evacuation procedures, contact list, and gathering point - see WMRC emergency instruction sheet.

Chemical safety information:

List names of personnel receiving training/orientation:



Name of training/orientation instructor____________________________________________

Signature and date of instruction_______________________________________date____________