WMRC Lab Safety Instructions

Researchers from a variety of groups and institutions use laboratory facilities at the White Mountain Research Center (WMRC). All individuals using WMRC laboratory facilities must adhere to the following instructions, prior to initiating work at any WMRC facility:

Laboratory safety at WMRC must comply with requirements of University of California, Los Angeles Environment, Health and Safety Office (EH&S), including any approvals needed.  In certain cases appropriate approvals from the researchers' home institution may be needed as well. 

For all lab workers:

  1. Read this Lab Safety document
  2. Review and complete the WMRC Lab Safety Orientation Checklist. Check with staff if you have any questions. List students, research associates and assistants receiving training/orientation, and sign checklist, signifying that orientation/training has been completed.
  3. Provide, in advance, a list of chemicals and other potentially hazardous materials that will be brought to WMRC. At a minimum, MSDS information sheets must be provided for all hazardous chemicals. This can be done on-line, using one of the MSDS databases. The web page http://hazard.com/msds/index.php provides a listing of many of these sheets. You need to know the name of the chemical (for example "ethanol") in order to retrieve MSDS's, and it helps if you know the manufacturer. The comprehensive UCSD "chemquick" resource is available at www.ucmsds.com ; if you are asked for an account and password, type "ucsd_user" and "ucsd".
  4. If a researcher is working with particularly hazardous materials, written operating procedures must be provided well in advance of their visit. These include carcinogens, reproductive toxins and substances which have a high degree of acute toxicity.  This information can be found on MSDS and other sources of safety information.
  5. Provide the WMRC manager with a written plan for storing, handling, and disposing of all hazardous materials, containers, needles, animal carcasses, and associated items. Users are expected to provide all necessary and properly labeled containers, and arrange for appropriate disposal. WMRC staff is available to consult on options for handling and disposal and may be able to arrange for removal of material if consulted in a timely manner.
  6. Provide the WMRC manager with a list of precautions that any person entering a laboratory space being used by the project might encounter, and create signage as appropriate.
  7. All spills, improper disposals, contact with hazardous materials, and associated accidents must be immediately reported to the WMRC manager or other available WMRC staff. Note: the Manis Lab contains a spill kit for dealing with small spills, but reporting is still important.

Hazardous Materials and Users of Laboratory Chemicals

  1. Contact WMRC staff if youi will be using laboratory chemicals or other hazardous materials.
  2. Consult the UCLA Laboratory and Chemical Safety web pages for guidelines and information.
  3. Do not pour used laboratory chemicals down the sink; make other arrangements for their disposal.

Radioactive Materials Users:

  1. Contact WMRC staff for all work with any radioactive materials, well in advance.
  2. Consult UCLA Radiation safety web pages for guidelines and information
  3. Facility users will need appropriate approvals from their home institution before beginning work with any radioactive materials.

Biohazard Users

  1. Contact WMRC staff for all lab work with biological organisms and animals.
  2. Consult UCLA Biosafety web pages for guidelines and information
  3. Facility users may need appropriate approvals from their home institution before beginning work with biologicals or animals.

 Advance Planning

The plans and protocols listed above should be provided to WMRC 3 months prior to initiating work. Failure to adhere to this timetable could delay or prevent research at WMRC.