University of California
White Mountain Research Center


WMRC will not allow access to its facilities until an annual USER APPLICATION has been approved by WMRC Staff and copies of all necessary annual permits (e.g., animal use, USFS, BLM, etc.) have been secured.

Applications/reservations should be submitted in the UC Natural Reserve System (UCNRS) reservation database (RAMS) at least 10 days in advance of arrival date. Before submitting a reservation, check with the WMRC Scheduling Coordinator for the availability of the requested dates. (760) 873–4344

In addition, all Non-UC users must sign a UC Risk Management liability waiver before using any station facilities. Release agreements for minors must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. It is the responsibility of the group leader (person who signs the applications) to find out who in their group must sign a release agreement and to insure that they are on file with the reserve prior to the proposed visit.

** CANCELLATION POLICY: WMRC reserves the right to charge applicants for the dates and number of participants stated on their reservation, unless changes are e-mailed to at least seven (7) days prior to the arrival date on the reservation.

SMOKING is prohibited on all station grounds.

FIREARMS are prohibited on any UC property at any time, pursuant to the California Penal Code, Sections 629.9 (h) and 629.9 (i).

PETS cannot be accommodated at WMRC, but there are options for boarding your pet in Bishop. WMRC Staff may request special permission to have their pets on Station grounds.

WMRC has very limited accommodations for long-term users accompanied by family. We cannot guarantee privacy to individuals or couples, and may not be able to accommodate children because most of our lodging is in dormitories. Children must be fully supervised by their parents or guardians whenever they are at the center.

Groups and individual researchers are required to participate in kitchen / housekeeping chores. Leaders of each group should organize a schedule for their groups to help with kitchen details. Please see the cook for specifics. At the time of departure, group leaders and individuals should ask a WMRC staff member to inspect their living quarters and bathrooms for cleanliness. Users who do not comply with this policy will be charged the current staff assistance hourly rate ($40-$50/hour) to cover staff time for cleaning up.

All users traveling to any of the facilities located in the White Mountains (Crooked Creek Station or Barcroft Station) should phone the station they are visiting on the way up. PLEASE NOTE THAT CELL SERVICE IS SPOTTY IN THE WHITE MOUNTAINS so call before you head up Highway 168. Also call if you are going to be late! Crooked Creek (760–937–3754); Barcroft (760–937–5202).

Annual Summary of Research Project: Please provide the following information by the following June 30 of each year (the summary and list of publications will be published in the UC NRS Annual Report and on the UC NRS Web Page).

Reprints and brief abstracts of all work completed in the eastern Sierra/White Mountain region should be sent or e-mailed to: Denise Waterbury (, UC WMRC, 3000 East Line Street, Bishop, CA, 93514.