Open House 2005

The 2005 Open House at Barcroft was a wonderful event, with lots of visitors (over 300), a series of of excellent scientific talks, posters, discussions with scientists, the road kill museum collection, 85 dozen cookies eaten, and highlighted by an afternoon hailstorm that brought everyone off the mountain early and into the station to dry off (see photos below). Up to a foot of hail landed up on White Mountain Peak!

The WMRC Friends' Group made it all happen with their hard work and dedication, and skill in parking so many cars at the station! Thanks also to our hard working staff, researchers and students who participated and helped create a memorable day for our visitors.

2005 Researcher Talks at Open House


Hikers descending from WM peak after the hailstorm (photos by Keith Sauer)


The hail is pelting down!


White Mountain Peak after the hail. Only about 3 inches of hail fell below 13000' (foreground).