Open House 2010


Nice weather during open house 2010

Open House 2010 lecture schedule:

2010 WMRC Researcher Talks Schedule

11:00 – Short-term Effects of Wildfire on Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep
Lacey Greene, University of Montana, Department of Ecosystem and Conservation Science

12:00 – Brain Hypoxia at Barcroft
Johnny  Hunt, UC San Diego
School of Medicine, Department of Radiology

12:30 – Exploring the Universe from WMRC
Jonathan Crass, UC Santa Barbara, Department of Astrophysics

1:15 – 162 Years and Counting: Science in the White Mtns.
Daniel Pritchett, UC White Mountain Research Station

2:45 – The WMRC alpine cold frame and other high school projects
Michael Wing/Students, Sir Francis Drake High School

3:30 – White Nose Syndrome, the Coming Bat Plague
Craig Frank, Fordham University, Department of Biological Sciences

11:30am & 3:15pm
Meet with John Smiley near Souvenirs Stand

10:00AM & 2:00PM
Meet with Jonathan Crass at Front Entrance (south door) to Barcroft Lab