WMRC 2015 Public Lecture Series

White Mountain Research Center is pleased to present a series of lectures open to the general public. The lectures cover a diverse array of topics and are usually presented by scientists and other researchers affiliated with the station. Unless otherwise noted, lectures are held at 7 pm at the Owens Valley Station, White Mountain Research Center, 3000 E. Line St., Bishop CA 93514, tel. 760-873-4344. For directions see WMRC Travel page. see google map site

Public Lecture


Thursday, January 29
Upside Down Storms and Avalanche Hazard in the Sierra Nevada
Benjamin Hatchett, PhD Student, University of Nevada, Reno
Ben studies the climate dynamics (large-scale ocean-atmosphere interactions) that drive hydro climate variability in the Great Basin. To do so, he uses hydrologic models, global climate models, and numerically dated geomorphic features such as lake shorelines and glacial moraines. His work is based in the Mono and Walker Basins but will extend eventually to various glaciated closed basin watersheds throughout the globe such as South America and Asia. He received a B.S. in Geography and an M.S. in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Thursday, February 12
Ethical concerns in conservation of biodiversity: examples from the desert fishes
Phil Pister, Retired Department Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Phil retired in February 1990 following 38 years as a fishery biologist with the California Department of Fish and Game. He studied wildlife conservation and zoology under A. Starker Leopold at the University of California (Berkeley) and has spent virtually his entire career supervising aquatic management and research within an area encompassing approximately a thousand waters of the eastern Sierra/desert regions of California, ranging from the 14,000 foot crest of the Sierra Nevada to the floor of Death Valley. As founder and executive secretary of the Desert Fishes Council, Phil conducts environmental ethics workshops at the National Conservation Training Center (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) in West Virginia, has lectured at 81 universities in North America and the United Kingdom, and has authored more than 80 published papers and book chapters.

Thursday, February 19
Green Fire - Film
The first full-length documentary film ever made about legendary environmentalist Aldo Leopold, Green Fire highlights Leopold's extraordinary career, tracing how he shaped and influenced the modern environmental movement. Leopold remains relevant today, inspiring projects all over the country that connect people and land.

Thursday, February 26
The Enfield- Weller Archaeological Collection: Contributions of Local Avocational Archaeologists in the Preservation and Documentation of Prehistory in the Eastern Sierra
Greg Haverstock, Archeologist, Bureau of Land Management, Bishop Field Office and Bridget Wall, Staff Archeologist,  Archeological Research Center - California State University, Sacramento

Thursday, March 12
**Sorry, no talk tonight! Please note the following event at the Inyo Council for the Arts, 137 South Main Street in Bishop: "The Spirit of John Muir" 7-8:30 pm.
Renowned actor Lee Stetson brings to life one of this country's most beloved and famous naturalists, John Muir.  This production, with Mr. Stetson in the title role, has been presented in Yosemite National Park since 1983. Seating limited, call ICA for ticket. 760-873-8014

Thursday, March 26
The River Runs Through It
Lawrence Freilich, Inyo County Mitigation Manager for the LORP (Lower Owens River Project)

Mr. Freilich oversees more than 50 water agreement mitigation projects for Inyo County. His presentation focuses on the largest of these projects, the Lower Owens River Project (LORP).  The LORP area is 78,000 acres and includes lakes and ponds, 1,500 acres of wetlands, and 62 miles of river and river delta. Learn more about this project, its successes and challenges, and see photos of the project. If you are not already a big fan of the LORP, you will be after the talk.



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