Owens Valley Station

Owens Valley Station
Owens Valley Station — Office and dining room building

Owens Valley Station (OVS) (WMRC headquarters) – Open year round, located 6 km (4 miles) east of Bishop in Owens Valley at 1250 m elevation (4108’). The Owens Valley station is under-utilized in the early spring, late fall and winter seasons. Spring, summer and early fall are generally booked early, although some openings in August are usually available. OVS can sleep up to 45 people and offers groups year-round housing in air conditioned/heated dorms with separate rooms for faculty. There is an industrial kitchen with dining-room seating for 45 people. WMRC cooks provide excellent meals during the late spring, summer, and early fall seasons. The Owens Valley Station has two classrooms, a small laboratory, full-size greenhouse, wireless internet and computer lab, and a small library. In addition there is a volleyball court, basketball hoop, outdoor campfire pit and large grassy area for outdoor recreation.

View of the Owens Valley Station and Sierra Nevada, looking west from the foothills of the White Mountains. The Owens River flows north to south across the lower middle of the photograph as indicated by the reddish Sandbar Willows (Salix exigua). The large dominating mountain is Mt. Tom, 4,163 m (13,658') elevation.
Owens Valley Station

The south classroom is our largest meeting room, and, when set up without tables can seat about 80 people. This is where lectures and seminars are held. Digital projector, TV/VCR, internet, and overhead projector are available.
Dorm 1 and the Paul Manis Lab
Dorm building 2-5
Office/Dining Hall
Dining hall (can seat 40-45 people)
Food Service Area
The Paul Manis Lab is set up for laboratory research, with an electronic balance, lab benches, stereomicroscopes, ultra-cold freezer, internet access, and more.
Computer lab interior
There are several computers available for researchers, and WMRC has a license for use of GIS software (ArcGIS). The system administrator's office is on the right.
The library also includes a manuscript and thesis collection of work done at WMRC, as well as a reprint collection. We also collect "gray literature" (reports, studies) pertaining to the Owen's Valley and the nearby mountains.
WMRC is the home for the "Deepest Valley Cooperative Native Plant Propagation Center".
The California Native Plant Society Bristlecone Chapter and other cooperators use the facility to grow native plants for restoration projects. In fall there is a native plant sale, open to the public.
A climate-controlled greenhouse is near the back of the compound and is available for research.
Inside Greenhouse with research project by UC Davis grad student, Elaine Chow.