Disclosure to Prospective Donors During Solicitation

Gift Disclosure

The Regents of the University of California (Regents) is the formal corporate name of the University, as set forth in the California State Constitution. It is a public trust, governed by the Board of Regents, organized for the purpose of teaching, research, and public service. There are nine separate campuses, including UCSD, each of which may accept gifts on behalf of The Regents for purpose which benefit that campus.

The UC San Diego Foundation (Foundation) is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, organized for the purpose of encouraging voluntary private support for the benefit of the UCSD campus. Responsibility for the governance of the Foundation is vested in its Board of Trustees. Operations of the Foundation are promulgated by The Regents of the University of California via its Policy on Campus Foundations.

This receipt is intended to comply with the IRS requirements regarding written donor acknowledgment of gifts, and disclosure of any benefits provided to donors in exchange for gifts. All gifts to the Regents and the Foundation are tax-deductible, except to the extent that benefits were provided to you in consideration for your gift. No benefits were provided to you in consideration for you gift, unless noted on the face of the receipt. If noted, the amount stated as the fair market value of any benefits provided has been estimated as closely as possible.

It is the policy of the UCSD campus that a modest one-time fee be assessed against the original principal of the gifts, endowed and expendable, whether made to the Regents or the Foundation, to support UCSD costs.

Any restrictive terms and conditions associated with gifts are subject to Regents or Foundation approval.

1977 California Information Practices Act Disclosure

UCSD is grateful for the support it receives form friends and alumni, and confidentiality maintains information on all donors. The donor information is housed and administered, both on an electronic database and in hard copy by the Development and University Relations. The information ma be provided to other UCSD departments in the regular course of their business, but is not disseminated to external parties, except if required by law. You have the right to review your own data files. Inquires should be forwarded to the Director, Information and Financial Systems. Development and University Relations, UCSD, 9500 Gilman Drive, Mail Code 0940, La Jolla, CA 92093-0940.

Once of the ways our thanks is expressed to donors is by listing their names in various UCSD publications from time-to-time. Please notify us at the above-noted address if you do not want your name listed.