Derham and Campito in the White Mountains

It was just weeks ago that we enjoyed Derham’s company and conversation.  We had a very nice visit with him one evening in the new Garden Café (don’t know its real name) that has been created in the corner between the labs and the dining room at Crooked Creek.  One afternoon we noticed his truck parked at the edge of Campito Meadow, and the legendary Campito was standing quietly not far away.  Derham was not in sight.  When we drove by his truck, there he was taking a nap curled up inside his camper shell.  We were struck by the essential kinship of Derham and Campito, both lone wanderers of the wilds of the White Mountains.

He may have wandered alone much of the time, he may not have sought the crowds that sometimes flood Crooked Creek.  But Derham was a kind and friendly soul and always willing to join someone in interested and pleasant conversation…sharing readily whatever he knew that could be helpful.

He drifts into our memories too, and we’ll miss him.  It was good that he received the award from CEREC, before it was too late.  Adelia’s photo was very nice.  We attach below one that doesn’t show Derham, but does show him getting a little help from his friends (whom he’d already helped by hauling their gear up the mountain)…after the snowbank foiled his attempt to blast through. 

Jim & Catie Bishop