4-wheel Bob completes the first wheelchair-bound ascent of the Summit of White Mtn Peak!

Here are a few links and pictures you can put up on the website about Bob Coomber, who for the past few years has been trying to make the summit in his wheelchair. He did it last week! It took 10 hours and 45 minutes! The first wheelchair bound ascent of the Summit of White Mtn Peak! Complete with pictures and a story from backpacker.com.

Here's a quote from the story.

I'd been told by the team that once onto the final switchbacks it got flatter and easier. I was completely demoralized, once there, to find the opposite. The rocks filling the "road" were bigger and harder to gain traction. So much for the differences in perception of hikers and wheelchair hikers! But light was beginning to fade on the east side of the peak, and a cold rush of urgency spurred me to just look down and push forward. This was some kind of demon's joke! It got so much more difficult and I was in so much pain that I felt like just sitting there, stopping and hoping something would change. I looked up, and the Summit Lab seemed almost within touching distance, all of a sudden! Yow! Maybe it'll finally happen, ya think? I came up the final two turns, cursing like a drunken sailor at every rock, every slippery patch....and of course the final 20 feet were the toughest. It took all I had left to churn around the corner and suddenly be level with the Summit Lab, Summit Register...I was almost in tears. Only exhaustion kept me from completely breaking down like a kid on Christmas morning after getting his Red Ryder BB Gun. Tom, Rick and Cheryl took photos, and there was a completely unforced whoop of elation from everyone. Ten hours and 45 minutes after we'd set off, at 6:44 PM I made the summit - 14,246 feet.

Bob Coomber

Bob heads off to White Mountain Peak from Barcroft Observatory. That's one of California's highest peaks (#3 or 4, depending on who you talk to).

The going gets rough and the air gets thin near the top. The peak consists of loose shale- tough going for small-wheeled vehicles.

Bob at the summit! The shadow of the peak may be seen in the background.

Bob's register entry.