Snowcat Trip

On May 18, 2011, Ryan and I drove up to Schulman Grove in the White Mountains, at this time the furthest one could drive before encountering deep snow. There, we transferred to the snowcat and drove up to Crooked Creek Field Station, ploughing the road as we drove. Most of the road was buried in 1-3' of hard packed snow. It was a cool day (the high temperature in the afternoon was 33 degrees F) so there was little melting taking place. It snowed several times in the late afternoon.

John Smiley

(Click on the photos below to see movie or a larger image)

(Above) Movie taken from inside snow cat, just below Patriarch Grove in White Mountains 5-18-11

Big Prospector Meadow near Crooked Creek 5-18-11

Crooked Creek Field Station from the west 5-18-11

The sheep holding pens at Crooked Creek are relatively clear of snow.

The door to the quonset storage building is blocked by a drift 5-18-11

Interor of the sheep project storage locker is clean and dry.

The Bristlecone Pine Demography Project exclosures are mostly but not completely buried in the snow 5-18-11

We drove up to look at Sheep Pass, usually the most difficult obstacle for clearing the road to Barcroft. Sure enough, the road is completely buried for 3-400 meters. However, the hard packed flat snow makes for fairly easy snow cat driving. 5-18-11

We stopped and turned around here south of Sheep Pass. 5-18-11