Note: the next regional meeting of this type will be hosted by the California Society of Ecological Restoration on May 19-22, 2010, at Mammoth Mt. Inn in Mammoth Lakes. See SERCAL web site for more information.

CEREC was a tremendous success, with over 200 persons attending and nearly 100 talks and posters. Many participants commented on the breadth and quality of the presentations, and on the opportunities for networking and collaboration. See Conference Program pdf for a complete list of presentations and other events. Most abstracts and presentations (oral and poster) are available in pdf format, in first-author alphabetical order: click on A-H, J-R, and S-Z for complete listings.

See January 29 article "Tufa, Sagebrush, Fire and Flood;" in-depth reporting on the CEREC conference. See entire on-line article.

Here are some photos of the event:

CEREC attendees entering fairgrounds campus on a beautiful autumn day in Bishop

Our plenary venue - the Home Economics Building

We set up concurrent sessions in the Home Economics Building, the Patio Building (a.k.a. the Lion's Den) and the Charles Brown Building (a.k.a. the Hockey Arena) shown above.

Our third venue was the Patio Building. This room is normally used by the Lion's Club, 4H, and other clubs and organizations, but was an excellent venue for CEREC.

On Thursday Evening we hosted a public lecture given by David Nahai, the general manager and CEO of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. The photo at left shows Mr. Nahai speaking about the Department's commitment to green energy and water conservation. The lecture was held at the United Methodist Center in Bishop. Photo Mike Bodine

On Friday evening we honored two distinguished researchers for their contributions to science and natural history of the region, Derham Giuliani (L) and Hal Klieforth (R).

Pre-meeting web announcement shown below:

Announcing a free public lecture:

Looking to the Future: A Climate Strategy for Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

H. David Nahai, CEO and General Manager, Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power (LADWP) will speak to the Bishop Community about the climate strategy being developed by LADWP.

To be held at 7:30 p.m., November 6, 2008, in the United Methodist Center, 205 N. Fowler, just south of Bishop High School.

Above: a microcosm of East-Central California. The Owens River (foreground) is lined by reddish willows, while the Sierra Nevada range is covered in snow. The town of Bishop is in the center-right and the White Mountain Research Station's Owens Valley Laboratory may be seen at lower left. (photo John Smiley) See "About CEREC" page for more information.

The deadline for registering for the conference is September 20, 2008. Please sign up soon so we know how many will be attending! See registration page for instructions.


In addition to full registration, we also are offering a special short registration (only $25) for those who want to attend the Saturday morning session on management and conservation. details

Part of the history leading up to CEREC and CIRMOUNT is a symposium held in 2000, entitled Impacts of climate change on landscapes of the eastern Sierra Nevada and western Great Basin. See USGS report at .