Summer 2006 GLORIA field week

July 22-29, 2006 at Crooked Creek Station

(see 2006 poster for summary as of November 2006)

Personnel list - listed by project. Some people participated in more than one project.
Reports will be listed as they are received.

GLORIA Down-slope extension

(see 2006 poster for summary as of November 2006)

Limber Pine Recruitment and Demography

(see summer 2006 doc, 2006 poster abstract for AGU meeting, AGU poster pdf and PACLIM 2007 slideshow

Plant recruitment across ecotones and microclimate survey

Meadow Vegetation Survey

Butterfly Count

(see WMRS web pages)

Insect Survey

Jeff Holmquist tossing insect sample net (photo SF Chronicle/Lance Iversen)

White Mountain Climate Transect

(see West Piute Ridge transect and WMRS Weather and Climate Monitoring Project pages for details)

Periglacial processes and patterned ground formation

Science writers and photographers

Other Assistants and Participant