WMRC-GLORIA planning workshop, May 22 2006

Long term monitoring of Alpine Environments in the White Mountains.

The workshop convened at 9 am with 16 people attending. Left to right, back row Derham Giuliani, Chris Van de Ven, Stuart Weiss, Daniel Pritchett, John Smiley, front row, Jeff Holmquist, Catie Bishop, Frank Powell, Jim Bishop, Denise Waterbury, Connie Millar, Bob Westfall, Linah Ababneh. Not present in photo: Ann Dennis, Hal Klieforth, Angela Jayko.

Agenda for May 22

9 am introductions
9:15 review current status of WMRS-GLORIA – new map
9:45 short presentations by participants

12:00 lunch provided by WMRS
1:00 Discussions pertaining to goal 1: prioritize list of ideas for GLORIA field week 2006
3:00 Break
3 :30 Discussions pertaining to goal 2: the future of WMRS-GLORIA
4:30 pm wrap-up
6 pm dinner at station for those who stay (but please let us know in advance if you will be staying for dinner.)

GLORIA time line, next 10 years

So long as 3-year dataloggers are used, GLORIA sites will require some action 5 years out of every six! Can we re-tool the loggers to 5-year intervals?

GLORIA planning workshop Goals

Goal 1: create plan for summer 2006 GLORIA week at Crooked Creek

Ideas and questions for discussion

Goal 2: develop a strategy for advancing the “Long Term Monitoring Of High Altitude Environments in the White Mountains (GLORIA Master Site project)”

Ideas and questions for discussion


Participant List as of 5/3/06

* signed up for spending Sunday night at the station