Summer 2009 Field Week

July 19-25, 2009 at WMRS Crooked Creek Station

Draft Agenda

copied from 2008:

Please note: past WMRS-GLORIA field weeks have been free of charge to participants. Owing to new budget cuts, WMRS is now requesting that participants pay at least $16/night in order to cover the cost of food for the field week. If this creates a hardship for students or volunteers, please see John, Daniel or Denise at WMRS. If your funding makes it possible, we also request that participants pay the full UC rate of $50/night. Please pay by check made out to UC Regents and give to Denise Waterbury.

Preliminary List of 2009 field week Projects:

GLORIA The first 5-year re-sampling of 2004summits!
Ann Dennis
Jim Bishop
Catie Bishop
Daniel Pritchett
Denise Waterbury

Limber Pine Recruitment and Demography
link to poster presented at AGU 2006
Rock Glaciers and Biodiversity Refugia poster presented at AGU 2007

"Treeline Response to Climate Change," a 1-hour talk presented to the California Native Plant Society by Connie Millar
Bob Westfall
Connie Millar

Plant recruitment across ecotones and microclimate survey
link to AGU 2007 presentation
Chris Van de Ven
Stu Weiss
Gary Ernst+ field assistants

Meadow Vegetation Survey
nothing in 2007

Butterfly Count 5th annual count
John Smiley
Derham Giuliani
Jeff Holmquist
Jutta Schmidt-Gengenbach
Denise Waterbury
Daniel Pritchett

Insect Survey using sweep and vacuum sampling at Butterfly Count sites (40MB ppt)
Jeff Holmquist
Jutta Schmidt-Gengenbach

White Mountain Climate Transect
John Smiley
Daniel Pritchett
Dan Cayan (not present)
Douglas Alden (not present)

Demography of Bristlecone Pines
Adelia Barber
Colin Mayer
Nathan Diem
Keren Crum

Soil development in arid and high mountain environments
Robert Graham

Science writers and photographers, including media follow-up