WMRS-GLORIA Data and Specimen Storage Table

Data or specimen set filename and/or foldername and/or location
GLORIA summit data - excel file in WMRS computer center, will fill out GLORIA International database soon (Ann Dennis), plant voucher specimens curated and stored in WMRS herbarium, Owens Valley Labs. In WMRS computer center archives:
Gloria data 2004 current version.xls from Ann Dennis
GLORIA 2005 data.xls from Ann Dennis
CD with 2004 GLORIA photos by Jim Bishop
CD with 2005 GLORIA photos by Jim Bishop
original 2005 GLORIA data sheets in binder
no data yet from 2006
Butterfly count data - published annually by North American Butterfly Association (NABA), detailed site data in excel file stored at WMRS computer center (John Smiley), voucher specimens confirmed and kept by John Emmel (check with Derham Guliani).

"WM butterfly count list.xls" - WMRS web site/Associate Director's Office computer - paper copies on file in associate director's office

Meadow Insect Survey (Jeff Holmquist)
Data and voucher specimens stored at "Swall Meadows Institute" Holmquist Residence
GLORIA: “GLORIA Arthropods” (SYSTAT file) on UMAX computer in Holmquist’s lab. Backed up on two Mac computers and an external La Cie hard drive in the same location, plus an additional backup on a second external hard drive (OWC) at a remote location (325 Old Mammoth Rd., Mammoth Lakes CA). Hard copies of summary statistics in Holmquist’s lab.
Ecotone Demographics and Remote Sensing (Stanford) Study - raw data stored in WMRS computer center, models and results will be submitted there as they are prepared (Stuart Weiss). No vouchers. CD with floristic/cover and AVARIS data and sample sites for Van de ven