First Annual White Mountain Butterfly Count, 2005

The First Annual 2005 White Mountain Butterfly Count was a great success. Four counters participated, and promise to return next year with more volunteers. The weather was not ideal, but the slow pace contributed to more time for discussion and indentification. We surveyed six sites. The count is part of a WMRS program to gather baseline data on the alpine environments of the White Mountains. See GLORIA project web page for more details. We saw a total of 165 butterflies belonging to 13 species. The count results may be seen in the WM Butterfly Count excel file. Because of the difficulty of correctly ID'ing some of the species, we are submitting vouchers to John Emmel which he will retain in his collection.

Sampling locations (UTM zone 11, NAD 83 elevation ft.)
Italics: vouchers taken and specimens ID'ed by John Emmel.

Counters in Campito Meadow. Counters included Derham Giuliani, Paul McFarland, Rena McCullough, and John Smiley. 7-29-05

We spent about an hour at each of six sites, ranging from Crooked Creek at 12, 150' elevation to the Barcroft Observatory at 12, 750'

We saw a total of 163 butterflies belonging to 13 species. Once our sightings have been confirmed we will submit the count results to the North American Butterfly Assoication for inclusion in the 2005 count lists.

We learned a lot. We collected vouchers of some species, including the White Mountain form of the Lupine Blue (Plebejus lupini). John Emmel plans to confirm the ID of the specimens.