Barcroft HOBO weather station

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The Barcroft HOBO weather station is an unconnected (off-line) weather station designed as a backup for the web-connected Barcroft Climate station (see ) . HOBO is a brand of weather instruments put out by Onset Computers . The HOBO weather station is battery operated, and data is recorded hourly, including air temperature and humidity inside a radiation shield, average and gust windspeed, and wind direction. The Barcroft HOBO station is located about 100' east of the main Barcroft climate station. For other specifications and details, see the web pages pertaining to the HOBO weather station and these part numbers:

H21-001 HOBO Weather Station Data Logger
S-THA-M002 Temperature & Relative Humidity (RH) Sensor with 2-meter cable
S-WCA-M003 Wind Speed/Direction Sensor with 3-meter cable failed in 2007; again in 2008
S-WSA-M003 Wind speed sensor replaced S-WCA-M003 in 2009
M-CAB 1/2 Crossarm (for Wind Speed/Direction sensor)
M-RSA Solar Radiation Shield (for Temperature & RH sensor)
S-SMB-M005 soil moisture sensor added 1-8-09 but it didn't log properly until 7-1-09.

Data from the HOBO weather station is available in two formats:

HOBOWARE is the proprietary native format produced by the HOBO datalogger and can be emailed to you by WMRS staff
TEXT&TABS and CSV are standard formats for use in spreadsheets such as excel and can be downloaded directly below. Please note that the wind instruments above have failed two years in a row even after replacement the first year. The HOBO suppliers have recommended that we trim the wind vane to a much smaller surface area as the damage seems to be caused by violent changes in wind direction. However, for now we installed anemometer without the wind vane (January 2009 - present).

Note that we replace the batteries every autumn before winter, using lithium AA batteries.

9-13-06 to 10-2-06... TEXT file ... HOBO file  
10-2-06 to 11-7-06...TEXT file ... HOBO file replaced batteries
11-7-06 to 5-24-07...TEXT file ... HOBO file note wind sensor problems after January 2007  
5-24-07 to ... station out ... fixed wind sensors  
6-19-07 to 10-11-07 ... TEXT file ... HOBO file replaced batteries
10-11-07 TO 5-7-08...TEXT file ... HOBO file note wind sensor problems after November 2007  
5-7-08 TO 6-5-08...TEXT file ... HOBO file no wind direction
6-5-08 TO 10-31-08 ... TEXT file ... HOBO file no wind direction, replaced batteries
1-8-09 to 7-1-09 ... TEXT file ... HOBO file windspeed sensor only; added soil moisture sensor: did not log
7-1-09 to 10-28-09 ... TEXT file ... HOBO file soil moisture working OK replaced batteries
10-28-09 to 7-15-10 ... TEXT file ... HOBO file soil moisture not working
7-15-10 to 11-3-10 ... TEXT file ... HOBO file soil moisture partly OK?; replaced batteries
10-3-11 to 7-13-11 ... TEXT file ... HOBO file