WMRS Long-term Weather Data

Barcroft Field Station, established fall 1951

The 8 MB excel file Barcroft Daily Weather, includes compiled daily summaries for the entire period since October, 1951. The accompanying Barcroft Weather Metadata pdf file contains notes and instructions on the data and how it was collected.

Current Barcroft data is being compiled and served by the Western Regional Climate Center. We plan to periodically download this data and add it to the Daily Wesather excel file.

Below is a graph of the unfiltered data set. Click on the graph to a larger version, and click again to see the full sized graph.

Below are some long-term trends in daily maximum and minimum temperatures from the record. The top 2 graphs are compiled from June-October data only, and are relatively complete over the 59 year period.


The bottom graph includes data from all seasons year round, but is blocked out during the 20 year period for which there is no winter data. All 4 graphs reveal a statistically significant (p<.001) warming trend using linear regression.

Crooked Creek Field Station, established in fall 1948

Crooked Creek has a similar, although less complete, long-term weather record. These data may be downloaded here.