Miscellaneous Links and Data Files page

Poster entitled Genetics, Physiology And Ecology Of Subalpine Beetle Populations: Responses To Climate Change (see powerpoint 5MB), presented at the 2006 PACLIM meetings, held at Asilomar, Pacific Grove CA on March 26-29.

Symmorphus cristatus nest hole survey data file (excel file)

Symmorphus cristatus behavioral observations - all years (excel file)

Chrysomela aeneicollis elevational distribution in North Fork Big Pine Creek (excel file)

Guide to willows of Southcentral Alaska web site

Locator tool for finding weather stations and data (California Department of Water Resources)
This site can be used to locate the dozens of stations in the Owens valley and in the Eastern Sierra, and to retrieve data as far back as 1902 For example, see current temperatures, North Fork Big Pine Creek, 9600' elevation