Eastern Sierra Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

The Eastern Sierra [ES] node of the National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse is the product of a collaboration between the U.C. White Mountain Research Station and the Eastern Sierra Land Information Network.  Funding to create this node was provided by a grant from the Federal Geographic Data Committee [FGDC] through its Competitive Cooperative Agreements Program.

The ES node contains indexed FGDC-compliant metadata describing available digital geospatial data pertaining to the Eastern Sierra region of California.  Producers of the data and accompanying metadata include a variety of federal, regional, state, county, and academic institutions from throughout the Eastern Sierra.  To search the holdings of the ES node, use the link below to go to the gateway site of the national Geospatial Data Clearinghouse.  Queries submitted at this site can be directed to the ES node, along with all other nodes in the national geospatial data clearinghouse. 

Creation of  metadata for the ES node is an ongoing process.  Most of our efforts to date have involved working with ESLIN members to define and prioritize datasets for metadata creation, develop procedures for making data available, as well as creating metadata.  Some datasets are available for downloading directly from the ES node. Other datasets are described with metadata in our index but are distributed by other providers.  Distribution information is included in the metadata for every dataset.

To list and view the geospatial metadata holdings at the ESGDC without going through the NGDC Gateway, click here: Clearinghouse Contents.

To view the F.G.D.C. Clearinghouse Final Report click here