WMRS In-House and Reference Documents

Natural History Guide to the White-Inyo Range full text with photographs This natural history guide was published in 1991 and is now out of print, although copies are usually available for sale on-line.

Crooked Creek Guidebook (200 MB pdf file) contains the following sections:

Color brochures (in pdf format)

WMRS Symposia

Every few years WMRS hosts research conferences focussing on regional issues as well as high-altitude research. Conference speakers also prepared papers which were edited by WMRS staff and compiled into bound volumes. The links below take you to scanned versions of four of these publications in .pdf format. The Clarence A. Hall Symposium is only available from the Geological Society of America, also linked below.

WMRS Symposium Volume 1: Natural History of the White Inyo Range, Eastern California and Western Nevada and High-Altitude Physiology, August 23-25, 1985edited by Clarence A. Hall, Jr. and Donna M. Young

WMRS Symposium Volume 2: Plant Biology of Eastern California, May, 1987edited by Clarence A. Hall, Jr. and Victoria Doyle-Jones.

WMRS Symposium Volume 3: Natural History of Eastern California and High -Altitude Research, September 21-24, 1989Edited by Clarence A. Hall, Jr., Victoria Doyle-Jones and Barbara Widawski.

WMRS Symposium Volume 4: The History of Water: Eastern Sierra Nevada, Owens Valley, White-Inyo Mountains, September, 1991Edited by Clarence A. Hall, Jr., Victoria Doyle-Jones and Barbara Widawski.

Clarence A. Hall, Jr. Symposium: Integrated Earth and Environmental Evolution of the Southwestern United States, September 13-15, 1997. Geological Society of America Bellwether Publishing Ltd, Boulder, CO & Columbia, MD, 1998). Edited by W.G. Ernst and C.A. Nelson. (hard copy in WMRS library)

Impacts of climate change on landscapes of the eastern Sierra Nevada and western Great Basin. This 2000 workshop sponsored by WMRS, USGS, USFS and others, led to the formation of CIRMOUNT and eventually to the CEREC conference. On line at http://geopubs.wr.usgs.gov/open-file/of01-202/ . Report authored by Angela Jayko (USGS) and Connie Millar (Pacific Southwest Research Station).

WMRS Symposium Volume 5: Climate, Ecosystems and Resources in Eastern California, November 5-8, 2008. Program booklet including the program, a full listing of presentation abstracts and a list of attendees. See also CEREC web site for more information, including powerpoint files associated with each abstract.