Research Experience for Undergraduates

(REU) Program

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Summer '04 REU students in the White Mountains, expressing themselves with Owens Valley and the Sierra Nevada in the background. (photo E. Berlow)

Summer '05 student Nattasha Acevedo, removing datalogger from willows. (photo S. Otto)

Every summer since 2002, WMRC has provided undergraduate students from all over the US and Puerto Rico the chance to design and carry our their own research projects, under the mentorship of WMRC research scientists. With stipends and support funding from the National Science Foundation, students arrive in late May or early June and spend 10 weeks at the station. In addition to conducting research, the students participate in group training and enrichment activities. Although WMRC' REU funding has expired, WMRC is submitting for a three-year renewal of the 8-student per year program. If funded, the program will run for the summers of 2006-2008. The 2006 REU program will be announced on this web page as soon as we learn that funding has been committed, probably in February 2006. This program was not funded after 2005; students should NOT apply.

External and internal reviews have had lots of great things to say about our program (see summary and quotes page for details), including the spectacular location, quality lab facilities, collaborative approach to research, individual attention to students, scientific productivity, and the palpable enthusiasm of the faculty. We think that all of those things are true, and hope that some of you can be a part of all this next year! Please go to the links below to see some of the student projects and results from previous REU programs.

For those of you who will still be undergraduates, or newly-minted graduates, in future summers, please keep in touch concerning REU at WMRC. This web page is the best source of information.

Best wishes for the rest of '06.....WMRC staff