Camp Nelson Dedication

Friends of Poleta--Camp Nelson, Inyo National Forest

The first annual Friends of Poleta Folds campfire gathering happened Saturday June 24th at Camp Nelson in Inyo National Forest.(near Westgard Pass; see closeup map) About 30 family members and former students and associates met and shared the opening of the new USFS campground, named in honor of U.C.L.A Professor Clem Nelson (see a tribute to Clem Nelson ). Clem discovered and pioneered the Poleta Folds geologic field site as an exercise for aspiring earth science students throughout North America. Professor Nelson, a specialist in Cambrian-Precambrian stratigraphy, also published the geologic quadrangle maps of the southern White Mountains and northern Inyos where strata with the Cambrian faunal explosion can be found.

Barbecue and beverages were shared by all, and Inyo Forest Ranger Lynn Oliver led a gathering in which "Clem stories" were shared. It was also noted that the three campgrounds were designed by the USFS in cooperation with Carma, U.C. and other universities to be used by future geology field classes, as exemplified by the UC Santa Cruz field school, which was ongoing the day of the dedication.

Older notice: "We realize the stellar reputations of academic institutions who have followed in Clem's footsteps and mentored students at Poleta Folds. We challenge you to voice your Poleta (Nelson) memories or beginning mapping anticipations this coming June 24th with a song. An example- sung to the tune of Lola- is provided courtesy of Eric Brown, Shaun Mulcahy and ASJ, U.C.D. 2003 summer field (see lyrics). If you are unable to come to the camp on the 24th please forward your lyrics to Lynn Oliver or Barb Widawski to share with others. Awards will be given for the 'song of the evening'. A recording on CD would be great, however sending a camp choir would be better. For those of you who mapped Poleta Folds as novice geologists we invite you to bring your maps and field notes if you dare."

"Friends of Poleta Folds will gather the 3rd weekend of June at Camp Nelson in forthcoming years. Additional information and directions to CAMP NELSON will be posted at The campground is also reserved the evening of June 23rd for early arrivals. Check the WMRC website for updates before you depart. Lynn K Oliver USFS <> or Barb Widawski UCLA <> can answer questions."

NOTE: Camp Nelson is a 'dry camp', meaning no running water, BYOB, pit toilets You'll need to bring your own food and camping supplies. Remember-- bring water--it's the desert. Accommodations are also available at Crooked Creek Lodge through WMRS

Please forward this message to departments or former Poleta students you think may be interested.