WMRC Graduate Student Minigrant Program

Announcing the University of California White Mountain Research Center Graduate Student Research Minigrant Program

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The UC White Mountain Research Center (WMRC) graduate student research awards provide up to $1,000 per year to support room and board expenses and lab fees to do thesis research based out of WMRC (i.e. in the White-Inyo Range, nearby Sierra Nevada, and/or Owens Valley. Living expenses include room and board at WMRC facilities.

WMRC mini-grants are highly competitive awards for outstanding researchers regardless of state or country of origin and are intended to support outstanding science. Applicants may be part of a faculty member’s research project or team, but the project should be independent from that of the senior research worker. University faculty members are intended to direct the research of the student, but it is expected that students will submit for publication a single- or senior-author manuscript from their WMRC-supported research with WMRC in the by-line. These mini-grants support research in a range of diciplines including (but not limited to):

Archaeology & Anthropology,
Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences,
Astronomy & Astrophysics,
Conservation & Wildlife Biology,
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology,
Environmental Physiology,
Geology & Earth Sciences

Awardees are expected to be in residence for some part of their research at the Center so they can interact with other researchers and students. Awardees are also strongly encouraged to participate in a public outreach activity such as the annual WMRC open house or lecture series.

Download Grant Application Form