WMRC Graduate Student Fellowships 2009

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Graduate student research proposals were reviewed by the White Mountain Advisory Committee. In 2009, sixteen awards were made for a total of $20,000. The committee awarded support to the following applicants:

Balasubramaniam, Priya, UCR Biology.
Proximate factors affecting life history variation in birds along an elevational gradient.

Barber, Adelia, UCSC Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.
Understanding the life histories and population ecology of long-lived (and long-dead) plants: Demography of the Bristlecone pine.

Ferril, Ron, UCSB Physics.
21-cm Radiation (note: formerly on B-Machine, COFE).

Franklin, Rebecca, Univ. Arizona Tree-Ring Research.
Herbchronology of the Alpine Eastern Sierra Nevada Range, California.

Gage, JoAnn, Univ. Wisconsin Geology.
Reading the rock record of rheology: Mechanisms of strain partitioning in a compositionally heterogeneous system.

Greene, Lacey Univ. Montana Forestry/Conservation.
Historic habitat changes for Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep.

Hakopian, David, Touro University - California, Biology.
Using the Lake Louise scoring system to evaluate the effects of osteopathic manipulative medicine on the incidence of acute mountain sickness.

King, Baird, UCR Geology.
Holocene glacier fluctuations recorded by Eastern Rock Creek moraines and lake sediments, Eastern Sierra Nevada, California.

Nagorsen, Sarah, Central Washington Univ. Geology.
Pliocene sinistral slip across the Mina deflection, California-Nevada.

Novick, Mike, UCD Geology.
Faulting of the Cedar Hill volcano as it relates to volcanism and fault propagation in the Mono Lake region, northern Calif.

Ortiz Diaz, Sonia, UCR Biology.
Effects of High Altitude on Lung Surfactant System in Deer Mice, Peromyscus maniculatus.

Rietz, Nicole, Minnesota State Univ. Mankato Geography.
Periglacial Landform Classification in the White Mountains of California using GPS and GIS.

Rubin, Ishai, UCSB Physics.
B-Machine, COFE

Segre, Paolo, UCR Biology.
The effect of elevation gradients on locomotor performance in two species of hummingbirds.

Wang, Thea, UCLA Biology.
Behavioral roles and social structure in the yellow-bellied marmot, Marmota flaviventris.

Vest, Kimberly, Univ. Maryland Environmental Science.
Groundwater's Role in Vegetation Structure, Wind Erosion and Soil Resources.